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Post  Riku on Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:56 am

This server has been up and developed for over 1-2 years now, and the server NEVER got warned or tooken down permanently by AE. Before the server was created, me, Nazzer23, Maze, Price (... I met these people at the time where the only servers I played was MazeQuest Worlds and Project NMRLS, which is abbreviated for Nazzer23, Maze, Riku, Lord and Soul Taker ...) and a few others have decided to start making multiple different blogs and forums so people can send in suggestions to us.

We are thinking of hosting our files and databases onto a VPS so the servers can be online 24/7, barely any lag, etc, etc. I'll inform you guys when that will happen.

Improvements from the beginning:

- Added latest client, and fixed some errors.
- Learnt how to edit clients, and by edit, I don't mean those shitty two year old re-coloured clients.
- Developed a HeroSmash and Pony vs Pony Private Server, re-coded emulators, created a Stick RPG Private Server, and made our own client backrounds with Nazzer.
- We hosted a five day trial VPS.
- Met some awesome friends.
- Added some pretty cool features to Project Dev ™
- and more...


Project Dev-1 (Status: FULL!)
Project Dev-2 (Status: FULL!)
Project Dev-3 (Status: FULL!)
Project Dev-4 (Status: FULL!)
Project Dev-5 (Status: FULL!)
Project Dev-6 (Status: FULL!)
Project Dev-7 (Status: SPACE AVAILABLE!)

The appropriate password to join one of the networks above is: 123


Send me a message on via the forums, or on hamachi chat due to security restrictions.

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Post  Tiger on Wed Nov 16, 2011 3:04 am

Yeh, You love your ham!

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