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It's Nearly Christmas of 2011 so everyone will be excited what the forum is going to be doing for Christmas! Well, On the Game (TigerQuest) there will be a new Christmas event the map will be called TigerWonderLand And there will be new monsters including the all new Frost Tiger!
In the first room there will be a shop where you can buy new seasonal Christmas items! then to the right there will be a frozen canyon with Frost worms, Frost Rhinos and Giant Frost Beetles!
But out of all these frost creatures the most feared will be the Frost Tiger His Icey Breath can freeze a Volcano and all the lava in it! Some say its just a silly myth but some say its ccccooooool.
And as for the forum it's going all christmas themed. and there will be new Christmas challenges, contests and prizes! So have you ever heard that saying ''Christmas is just an event in a glass dome'' well keep that in mind for the last part of the TigerQuest Christmas event that's a bit of a sneeky clue on whats going to happen. Also we will be adding a Christmas grocery store.
And here's something else happening to the forum:
I will be giving every user a different present and when they open it they will have a token inside that will say what they're prize! Instructions: Once I have sent you your present it will be an swf and you will be able to move the lid off your present and inside will be the token with your prize written on it and then you take a screenshot of the token and send it to me and your prize will be given from December 1st to December 15th. If you are not given it in this time span then contact the team.
You never know what could be inside yours! Good Luck everyone!


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