[Needs Class Skills] Dark Mystic v0.26b - An AQW Trainer/Bot

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[Needs Class Skills] Dark Mystic v0.26b - An AQW Trainer/Bot

Post  Tigru on Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:40 am

Dark Mystic
An AQWorlds trainer made out of the creator's boredom.

If you find any bugs please PM me or chat me at mysticaltm@live.com

A brain with common sense.
Adobe Flash Player 10

Download Link: mediafire.com ?bsz7cnbp5y7ufuh

Older Versions:
v0.25 - mediafire.com ?so7fioe90ucotsc
v0.24 - mediafire.com ?29l4c8b36j1r5ow
v0.23rev1 - mediafire.com download.php?o2d88ta4m8rd8ul

Not working? Install the Latest Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control, basically the Internet Explorer version.

For Windows 7 users:
- Enable Compatibility Mode for Window XP in order for it to work, after all I'm using Windows XP

How to-use:
- Open the left arrow on your keyboard and start pressing what you think is good.

WARNING: Do not abuse the Public Bots List! If you want to keep a bot to yourself, don't upload it. If you want to remove something, contact me.

Release Notes
Dark Mystic v0.26 Stable Release [09/04/2011]
* Added "Attack Random Monster" command in Bot Manager
* Added a credits box and a donation button (always wanted to do this)
* Added SWF Catcher/Grabber (In response to Bugattiboy's request).

Dark Mystic v0.25 Stable Release [08/21/2011]
* Bard Class support (thanks to Saidre)
* Added Mod Name color toggle
* Added Mute toggle
* Made Cell and Pad in Bot Manager, changeable/modifiable.
* Modified Bot Manager UI for future plans
* Modified the Bot System (the code)

Dark Mystic v0.24 Stable Release [08/17/2011]
* Evolved Shaman support (thanks to Saidre)
* Bot Manager now supports get map item ids.
* Bot Manager updated to v0.22
* Added Lure all Monster button (same as Get Attacked in v0.20)
* Added Get Ballyhoo Rewards button
* Added Set Spawn Point button
* Added support to customize your name color and outline

Dark Mystic v0.23rev1 Stable Release [08/05/2011]
* Fixed the bug that made Bot Manager useless without quests.

Dark Mystic v0.23 Stable Release [08/05/2011]
* Fixed the bug that renders all Dark Mystic v0.22 and below, useless.
* Fixed Quest Acceptor/Completer

Dark Mystic v0.23 Pre Release [8/04/2011]
* Added Bot Status
* Not so fixes in Accepting and Completing Quests (WARNING: NOT STABLE)
* Global Cooldown Detection
* Class Skill Set Detection

Dark Mystic v0.22 Stable Release [7/25/2011]
* Added Public Bots List (Allows you to share bots with others)
* Added Quick Open Bank button
* Added Enable Chat button

Dark Mystic v0.21 Quick-Fix [7/25/2011]
* Fix the bug that will actually ban you when you have an incomplete skill set (e.g Rank 5 below).

Dark Mystic v0.21 Stable Release [7/24/2011]
* Fix the bug when you stop the bot in Bot Manager, it will not stop at all.
* Added Auto-pickup Feature
* Instead of typing both item id and name in Get Drop Command, you may now only type its name.
* Added Quest and Shop Loaders
* A simple change in GUI.

Dark Mystic v0.21 Pre-release [7/21/2011]
* Added "Skip Unavailable Targets" option in Bot Manager
* Added Get Drop Command
* Can now be able to Load and Save XML files
* New Blue ICON.

Dark Mystic v0.21 Pre-release [7/20/2011]
* It should at least be able to do quests and skills
* Can not load XML files atm.
* Many features are unavailable
* New Simple BLUE GUI.

None at the moment, Please report bugs if found.

Bots List:
-None, make one and inform me.

I don't know exactly what to do.

Added Class Checklist for the next update, I need suggestions for it.

Class Skill Usage/Order Correction Template:
For Class: Class-Name-Here
Skills in Order (1-4 Only)
* 1st Skill
* 2nd Skill
* 4th Skill


Mystical-For creating the trainer.
Tigru-(Me)-For reposting it here.


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Post  Tiger on Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:39 am

Hah, Thanks for reposting it here Tigru.

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No prob

Post  Tigru on Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:40 pm

No prob bro just tell me what you tink about the forum how i organizated it ;P


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Re: [Needs Class Skills] Dark Mystic v0.26b - An AQW Trainer/Bot

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